Reference No. AA-7077-TRTR
Applicant Type TRANSFER MAID
Nationality FILIPINO
Age 32
Gender Female
Height (cm) 155
Weight (Kg) 68
Place of Birth SAMAR
Religion Roman Catholic
Marital Status Married
No. of Children 1
Age of Children 3
Salary $650
Availability Immediate
Other APS Helper
Educational Languages English : Good
Brief Descriptions * Transfer Helper
Brief Descriptions * Able to look after elderly
Brief Descriptions * Willing to work for any nationality
Educational Background Secondary
Recommended for Children, Elderly Care, Cooking, Housework duties


  YEARS Ratings '(1-5)
General Housekeeping (No. Years of Exp.) 5
Care for Infant (No. Years of Exp.) 0
Care for Disabled (No. Years of Exp.) 3
Care for Elderly (No. Years of Exp.) 3
Cooking (No. Years of Exp.) 3

Years of Working Experience on (Country)

Country YEARS
Own (Home) Country 3
Singapore 1
Middle_east 2


  Yes No
Are you prepared to work for any nationality?
Are you prepared to extend contract?
Able to handle dogs?
Are you able to swim?

Employment History

From year To year Employer Name Country Designation Salary in $ Reason for Leaving Work Duties and Description
May 2020 Present Chinese Employer Singapore Domestic Helper Employer Passed Away She worked for a 74 years old Chinese Lady. She was living in a 1 room flat, The helper has to accompany her, give her medical, assist in her showering, changing clothes and other things. She also does general housework and cooking. Unfortunately she was only with this employer for 2 weeks as the elderly passed away. She is now being returned to agency and interview can be arranged with the agency.
November 2019 May 2020 Chinese Employer Singapore Domestic Helper Employer no longer need her service She is serving a Chinese family of 3. Couple with 79 years old Ahkong. Her main job was to take care of Ahkong who is having depression. She does elderly care such showering him, changing diaper and clothes, giving medication on time, cooking his meal and feeding him on time. She also does general housework, laundry. The family also have 2 dogs. She is now being returned to agency as the family decided to place elderly in Homes.
June 2017 June 2019 Omani Employer Middle East Domestic Helper Finished Contract She served an Omani Employer with 3 grown up children ages 28, 25 and 17 with 2 daugthers in law. They were living in a 2 storey house with 5 bedrooms and 5 toilets. She was the only helper. Her main job was to do housekeeping, laundry, ironing and cooking Arabic food. She also does carwashing once a week. She served this family for 2 years.
March 2014 December 2016 Filipino Employer Philippines Domestic Helper Finished Contract She served a Filipino Old Lady age 76 with her grown up Son. They were living in a condominium with 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets. Her main job was to look after the lady who was having a heart disease and highblood and diabetic patient. She does elderly care such as showering, changing clothes and diaper, injecting insulin, giving medicine on time, preparing foods and giving foods. She also does general housework, laundry, ironing and cooking Filipino food. She also does carwashing once a week. Unfortunately the elderly passed away they no longer need her service. She worked for them for almost 3 years.


BRENDA J. CABIGAYAN is a 31 years old Married with 3 years old Son. Her Husband owns a small convenient store. She has completed secondary education. She completed her secondary education in 2003. She has 3 Brothers and 5 Sisters and she is the 7th child.
She has a formal experienced as a Domestic Helper in the Philippines where in she looked after an elderly for 3 years. She has also worked in Oman for 2 years.
She is now in agency and being transferred to look for a new employer.
She claimed to be hardworking and obedient. She is willing to learn new things. She can be interviewed in person and upon selection she can be deployed within  2 days after obtaining IPA from MOM. Personal interview can be arranged with the agency.

Medical History/Dietary Restrictions YES NO
Past and existing ilnesses (including chronic ailments and illnesses requiring medication):
Mental Illness
Heart Disease
Physical Disabilities
Food handling preferences YES NO
Can Eat Pork
Can Handle Pork
Preference of rest day (rest day(s) per month) 2
Based on FDW's declaration, no evaluation/observation by Singapore EA or overseas training centre/EA
Interviewed by Singapore EA
Interviewed via telephone/teleconference
Interviewed via videoconference
Interviewed in person
Interviewed in person and also made observation of FDW in the areas of work listed table
Previous working experience in Singapore
Feedback from previous employers in Singapore
Employer 1 6 months
FDW is not available for interview
FDW can be interviewed by phone
FDW can be interviewed by vide-conference
FDW can be interviewed in person

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